The Awakening of the Old Saturn

by Spirits of Will

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Spirits of Will is a Peruvian experimental musical project formed in 2013 by many musicians and friends with a same goal,
make music with ancient musical instruments as Gongs,
Tibetan bowl, didgeridoo, throat singing and others modern instruments (VCS 3 synthesizer, moog) and more.

Certain types of meditation music and meditative soundscapes have the capability to reduce stress levels dramatically. Our music are designed to bring you into extraordinary deep levels of relaxation.

However relaxation is only the beginning of the journey. Before you are able to go into deep meditation you have to be in a spontaneous and relaxed state of mind. This relaxation is the rocket ramp from where you can begin an amazing inner journey of self discovery - an adventure that will take you into the true world of deep meditation

"Make music for help to people."

The Awakening of the Old Saturn (album concept)

Although his cosmology seems complex, that is only because of the minute attention to detail. In actual fact, its principles are simplistic yet extraordinarily baroque, very like the Ptolemaic (Geocentric) cosmology just prior to Copernicus, in which everything is explained in terms of cycles and epicycles, a kind of vast cosmic mechanism. Everything is explained within a series of cosmic cycles: the Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon, and Earth eras, and three future ones; each of which possesses certain characteristics:

Old Saturn: Solar System single mass; densest substance "warmth"
Old Sun: Sun, Moon, and Earth single mass; densest substance "air" (or gaseous)
Old Moon: Earth and Moon single mass; densest substance "water" (or liquid)
Earth: Present world; densest substance "earth" (or solid) during its densest substages
"Jupiter" ) future increasingly
"Venus" ) spiritualised worlds;
"Vulcan" ) reverse of previous stages
This series has the "Saturn" era as the most subtle. Each of the following cosmic stages get progressively denser, untill we come to Earth era, which is the turning point from which things reverse and once again become more subtle. Each of these major eras or "metamorphoses" is seperated by a period of withdrawl or non-manifestation, a pralaya (a Hindu cosmological theme first taught in the West by Blavatsky and central to Theosophy).

This idea of a cyclic universe is fairly straighforward, recalling similiar themes from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, from Kabbalah, from the now discarded "pulsating universe" speculations of astrophysics, and so on. The whole thing is unfortunately made much more obscure and absurd by dividing each of the seven cosmic cycles into seven (each with it's own small pralaya), and each of those in turn into seven, and each of those in turn into seven, and each of those in turn into seven!!! This infatuation with cycles and sub-cycles and sub-sub-cycles (a kind of quasi-fractal universe) is another theosophical theme that Steiner retained. These stages and all of their sub-stages and sub-sub-stages were worked out in great detail, producing a cosmology that is at its best as awesome and inspiring as any other great myth of creation, yet just as absurd and ridiculous when taken literally (which unfortunately is what Steiner's followers do).

What about the rest of the universe, you may ask. Unfortunately, Steiner doesn't mention this. Indeed, astonishingly for a man living in the beginning of the 20th century, he seems totally uninterested in anything beyond the orbit of Saturn. His entire cosmology is limited to this Solar System; when he says "the cosmos" he is referring to the Solar System out to Saturn


releases January 14, 2025

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Recorded Live On 22 December 2014 at the National Conservatory of Music of Peru, Here we show you some " footage" of the session performed by one of our musicians!photos-/c24ol

Mix in MCA Studios .2015

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Arain : Gongs , Percussion , Fx . chorus ,Tibetan bowl, didgeridoo, throat singing
Miguel Yance : Piano , synthesizer (VCS 3 synthesizer, moog) and more.
DJ Aeon : loops, chorus, Fleks



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Spirits of Will Lima, Peru

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